How do I know which artist is best for me?

We currently have 8 resident artists at Unikat, including three hand poke artists and five machine artists. Check out their portfolios online to see who's style suits you best.

How do I make an appointment?

Please use the bookings form here (insert link) If you need some advice or want to talk to your artist before making an appointment, get in contact with them directly to organise a free consulation, or drop by our studio on Weserstr. 53 to have a chat.

How much does it cost?

Our minimum price for a tattoo at Unikat is 100EUR, without exception. Then, the price will depend on the size, placement, and level of detail of the tattoo.

Thus, your artist will be able to give you a more accurate idea of the price once you have had a consultation with them.


I've done my research and sent a booking request, what happens next?

Once we have recieved your request, it is forwarded to your requested artist. If you have chosen no preference, then it will have been sent to the most appropriate artist.

They will contact you via email with a time and date for your appointment, at which point you will need to pay a deposit to get booked in.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. Deposits secure the appointment with your artist and will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo. Standard deposits are 50EUR, however for all day sessions this could be more.

When will I be able to see my design?

Normally artists will show their design at the tattooo appointment, where small changes can be made.

Normally artists will present your design to you on the day of being tattooed, where you can make some small adjustments if necessary.



Do you tattoo fingers?

Yes, we do tattoos on the fingers. However you must be aware that tattoo's on the fingers are more likely to fade than on other body parts, and thus would most likely need to be touched up in the future.

We would also recommend hand-poke, rather than machine for finger tattoos.

Could I get a white ink tattoo at Unikat?

Currently only one of our artists is working with white ink. White ink tattoo's are rarely ever "pure white" and tend to heal with a yellow/beige tinge.

Can I get a cover up done at Unikat?

Yes, it is possible to get a tattoo covered up at Unikat. It is important to understand that in order to cover up a tattoo, the new tattoo will be bigger and darker than the original.

Is it possible to tattoo over scars?

Generally it is possible if the scar has to be minimum 2 years old. Please send us an email to organize a consultation appointment.

Can you fix my bad tattoo?

We would have to meet you and check out the tattoo. Please send us an email to organize a consultation appointment. Attach photos of your tattoo with its measurements and also give us an idea of how you would like it to be transformed.

Please note that we can only work on tattoo's that are over two months old and fully healed.


What is the minimum age to get tattooed at Unikat?

The minimum age to get a tattoo at Unikat is 18 years old. However if you are in your eigthteenth year, you can get tattooed with written consent from your parents and a copy of their passport.

Do you take walk ins?

It is best to always make an appointment in advance if you have a particular artist you want to get a tattoo from. However sometimes we will have some availability at our studio on Weserstr. 53 for walk ins. Give us a call or drop by to check our availibility.

Do you take custom requests?

Depending on the artist, some will take custom requests; others are only tattoing their flash designs.

I saw a tattoo I really like online, could you do the same thing for me?

Our artists at Unikat as a rule only tattoo each of their designs once. Sometimes there is the possibility to make a similar design to one we have already done, but it won't be the same.

Could I get the same design I saw from another artist/ studio done by you?

No. We do not copy tattoo designs from other artists.

I can't make my appointment, can I get my deposit back?

No. Deposits are non refundable. If you contact your artist 24hrs before your appointment, they will offer you the opportunity to reschedule. If you simply don't turn up, your deposit will be lost.

Do you do temporary tattoos?

No. All tattoos made at Unikat are permenant.